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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Indian PM Will Boycott Colombo Summit

Indian prime minister Manmohin Singh will boycott this wek's Commonwealth Summit in Colombo, amid a row over human rights recoed. Woh! Manmohin Jee! What a strange.? Do you want want Nobel Prize for human rights violations in Kashmir? What about the brutalities your million of security forces are carrying out in Jammu and Kashmir. What is it? It is since 1948 that India has occupied Kashmir , inspite of UN's resolutions neither giving the right of self-determination to Kashmiris nor stopping atrocities, killings of innocent Kashmiris. You can see human rights violations in Sri Lanka and you close eyes on the rights of Kashmiris. Not only you but your predcessors have also been doinf this. Violations of India are thousand times more than any any violation of human rights in any other country in the world. Why do not you give right to Kashmiris to decide their own way. India must be ashamed of saying any other state the violator of human rights. You claim to be secular state but you do not give rights to Indian Muslims to purchase plots in Housing Societies. Your ads in media reflects the true Indian mentality who was, who is and who will be the enemy of Pakistan and Muslims. If Canadian prime minister Mr Stephen Harper boycotts, he is justified , Canada has no rcord of human rights violation, but how Indian can say about violations when its human rights violation recoord is the worst in the world. If Tamil Tigrs were fihting against the government they were rebels , because they were not accepting the state law and wanted to make the state apart. While, Kashmir had never been Indian part nor it will be. It was an inDependent state before so Indian claim of Kashmir being its "unbreakable Part" (Attot Aang) is false, baseless and misleading. Manmohin Sign Jee! look at your own face and then criticize others. Indian can be friend of Pakistani rulersas they have their personal intrests but common and patriotic Pakistani will never consider India its friend.

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