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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Action To Be Taken Against Those Igniting Sectarian Hate Through Mobile

Government has decided to take sction against those spreding sectarian matriak through social media or mobile phones. According to sources government had directed ministry of Information Technology and FIA to take action against the people who are involved in spreding sectarian material as there is law about advertising on mobile and internet. PTA has also been directed to block the baseless mateial present on websites. On other side government lost Rs 620 million as taxes while mobile companies lost Rs two billion on 9 and 10 of Muharram.due to blockage of mobile service. In other countries mobile phones are used to investigate crimes but in Pakistan mobiles are blocked. The creater of first IT policy in Pakistan, Salaman Ansari said that there is no way to stop sharing of material on websites. Other experts said URl of mails will have to be blocked of the hateful mateial.

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