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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

109 Government Buildings In Islamabad Have Been Declared Most Sensitive

According to sources to face any untoward incident after the threats from TTP, the armed commondos of Islamabad police consisting of special squade has started aerial surveillance of the area. Islamabad security plan has been changed and city has been divided into fpur zones. In Islamabad 109 buildings have been declared most sentive. These include govenment buildings, mosques, imambargahs, different embassies and residences of foregners. Diplomatic enclave has alredy been declared red zone and cameras have been installed in the area. According to sources aerial surveillance has been started and it will be done during last days of Ashura e Muharram. Services of two helicopters have been obtained for 8th to 10th Muharram. It also consists of a contigent of snippers. Video will be used to monitor the Margalla Hilla, important and busy roads of Islamabad and processions of Ashura.

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