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Thursday, November 21, 2013

In Pindi Incident 170 Persons Have Been Indentified Including 14 government Officials

170 persons have been pointed out on the 10th of Muharram in Rawalpindi's riots. These include 14 government officials. It is an important progress in the investigation processs. The video of the shops and other places set on fire was shown to the investigation committee. In the video one police official was sipping tea while SSP was present on thespot but no practical steps were take to control the sitiation. Several high ranking senior police officers have been made OSDs as punishment and 50 persons have been arrested through the help of CCTV footage. Similsarly the houses of 26 persons have also been identified. The persons arrested have been shifted to unknown places and they are being investigated. Most of the persons arrested are local residents of Sadiq Abad, Westridge and PirWadhai areas of Rawalpindi. However, the situation in the city is normal. But all the strets leading to Madrassa Taleem Ul Quran have been sealed, and rengers and police officials are present on these places. The markets ansd shops adjescent to Madraasa are closee yet including Mughal Sarai Market, Makka Cloth Market, and Pindi Market. However. Bara Market, Moti Bazar, Iqbal road, Urdu Bazar, including Chauk Fawara have been opened. While the road from Namak Mandi to Dingi Khoi is completely blocked. On other side Shia religious leaders have shown their non-confidence on the commission.

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