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Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Myths That Diabetics Shoulld Not Believe

Dr Issa Haddad, Obesity and Obesity related disorders specialist at the Fitness Clinic in Jordan, said on World Diabetes Day, " We should guide the patientd with more detail on how to pursue a healthy lifestyle". In his speech Haddad addressed five of the main myths that are often believed in by diabetes patientd. *-- I Can Eat As Much as I Want As lonf As It Does Not Contain Sugar:- Wrong it is not the sugar that that should be counted. The carbohydrates are guilty charged. All carbohydrates increse blood sugar level. The more carbohydrates are consumed, the more insuline is neded to process the carbs and turn them into energy. And, the more insuline is neded more pressure is on on pancreas to produce insulin. Thids pressure is what ultimsately leads to depletion of insulin, causing blood sugar level to rise. Sugar is just another source of carbohydrates, Haddad explains. Sweets tend to have more carbohydrates in smaller psckages. However, potato, bread or cereals are bigger source of size and also contain carbs. The good nes is that diabetics do not need to avoid sweets altogether, they just need to plan that when these will be consumed and how many carbs they contain. *-- Having A Cup Of Fruits In The Evening Id Good For Me:- " Having fruits in the evening is NOT good for you"! says Haddad, " You can have vegetable in the evening or chicken but not the fruits. The reason for this is that fruots contain as much as carb as starch of bread has, While a starch of bread contains as much as 15 grams of carbs and fruots contain the same. It is very important to take into account when something is to be eaten, as the processing of carbs slows down in the after noon and at its lowest in the evening. Therefore, fruits are best in the morning as bread, cereals or milk. *-- I Should Eat Lots Of Protein To Stay Healthy And Strong:- Protein is good for us, as it is needed to build and repair tissues. This counts for all of usd, not only for patients wity diabetes. Therefore, protein control is all the most important."But people wity diabetes do not need to consume more protein" says Haddad. In fact, too much intake of protein results in hesrt disease, which is the number one complication thsat erupts among diabetes patients. Most people need 5-6 ounces protein foods per day which is similar to serving of meat with the size of dck of csrds. Vegetables are another source of protein. *-- I do not worry about eating Fats:- Wrong again , we all have to woory about the intake of fats, as do diabetics. Excessive use of fats like that of protein increases the risks of heart disease. A heart -healthy diet is low in fat, saturated fats, salts and high in fiber and includes hesrt healthy oils such as liquid vegetasble oils instead of butter. *-- Any Physical Activity Is good For Me:- For any person physical excercise is important. For patients of diabetes II intense physical activity is recommended, meaning nothing less than 300 minutes of physical activity per week. Yes, that is right, 1 hour of physical activity 5 times a day. To complicate matters, this activity should be cardio and resistance training, something which is alled circuit training. The benefits of regulsar excercise are more than only weght loss. Physical excercise lowers insulin levels which improves the response of target cell towards insulin, resulting in lower glucose levela. It also lowers the total levels of cholestrol, while incressing the levels of HDL cholestrol.

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