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Friday, November 29, 2013

Saudi TV Presenter Found To Be Paedophile

Saudi SArabia's religios police arrested a a children program presenter at a famous TV channel accused of raping many little boys in Gulf Kingdom. Sabq Arabic language newspaper said the presenter workd for a "famous" TV channel but did not identify both of hem. It said the presenter was caght by members of Commission for the Promotion of Virtues and Prevention of Vice and security men of shopping mall in Riyadh while taking a 9-year-old boy with him. Commission members rushed to the mall after recediving calls from security men and a woman., who said the presenter was involved in "Obscene" phone call with his little son. Security men detained the presenter after woman saw him taking a boy. " The presenter confressed during interrogation that he had raped and molesteed many boys because he had psychological problem, paper said. "It was revealed later that he used his children programme for his evil acts and had targeted only handsome children. Police found many pictures in his mobile phone showing him in abscene acts with kids.

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