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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Interesting Old Laws In The USA That Are Not Applicable Today

Let us have a look on some interesting and unbelievable rules and laws in the today's super power that are not applicable now but once they were in use,, with the moderinization and development those were put aside. One can guess from the these laws that how was the past of today's super power of the world. For example in the states of California and Ohio the catching of rats or buying apparatus to catch them was illegal. In the city of Denver of Colorado state , city council had banned legally to lend vacuum cleaner to neighbourers. It was a crime in Atlanta to tie elephant or a big sise animal to poles. Legislstion was constituted in Delawar to stop lion to accopmany to cinema house. In Indiana to take icecream with spoon was prohibited on airport. Similarly in New Jersy icecream was prohibited to eat with out medical prescription after 6 in the evening. According to Delawar's local law, sneazing in the planes was not allowed. Ohio state had a law that nobody could travel by plane till one year after his/her marriage. Did you note these laws are foolishness more than interesting, what a shining past the Today's super powere has?

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