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Monday, November 4, 2013

Indian Media Is Highlighting The Bold Type Of Pictures Of Sania Shoib

Indian electronic and print media loses no chance, wastes no time, and avails every opportunity to degrade and demoralize Pakistan and Muslims. Now, Indian media is using such cheap means to demoralize Pakistan.
Indian media is now a days promoting shameless and bold pictures of Sania Mirza on Socoal Media and other websites. These pictires were shot during her tennis game in matches. The poor did not know the low mentality of Inndians. These pictures were unintentional and werr different poses of her body during games.
No pose was given intentionally to the camera. All this is done becaise Sania Mirza is a Muslim woman and married to Pakistani cricketer, Shoib Malik.
Though Sania is Indian citizen and plays for India but being Muslim girl India expresses its mean mentality.

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