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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Actress Amaima Malik Will Perform Bold Scenes In Bollywood

Following the foot prints of Veena Malik to remain in Bollywood and performing every kind of scene in Bollywood films all the unsuccessful actress in Lollywood are trying to enter Indian film industry after paying all the costs in terms of body to each and every Hindu producer, director, even to the the lower staff. Amaima Malik is also among them who hasdecided to do what Veena Malik has done to step into Bollywood. She has decided to perform bold scenes in Indian picturs. Bollywood director Desh Mukh has included Amaima in the cast of his new film "Shatir". She will picturize bold scenes with Imran Hashmi. She will leave tomorrow for India tp perform in the film. Film will be shot in Mombai.

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