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Friday, November 15, 2013

Dress Code Relaxed In Iran, Women Are Free To Wear Any Dress

Iranian president Dr Hassan Rohani has stopped the police to implement dress code forcefully. President took this measure according to his promose during election compaign in which he had promised to relax any unnecessary restrictions in the country. Earlier te implementaion of dress code was the duty of mobile ploce. Now president Rohani has directed the interior ministery to fix the standard of dress. The department of Pasdaran was linked to 26 other institutions and it had the pmoral support of police. However, due to dress code common Iranian did not like it. President has termed the moniteering of dress by this institution as unconstitutional. He said the performance of this organization has highlighted the negative image of Iran in the world. On othr side mobile police said the implementaion of dress code has not been its responsibility and it will be taken care of by social council.

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