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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Discreminatory Treatment With Muslims In India For Purchasing Property

Though minorities and specially Muslims in India are treated discreminately in every walk of life inspite of India's high claims of being secular state, but the latest ads about property sale in Bombai is a clear proof of this discremination. In the business district of Bobmai after appearing of a discreminatory ad regarding property sale,the the Minority Member of Mararashter Munaf Hakeem has said that this type of treatment with Muslims is not a new attitude of Hindus but it has been in practice since partition. Recently, a website about the sale and purchase of property in India was pasted on a website that warned the Muslims not to take trouble for the purchase of the mentioned property. The administration of the latest ad said that the membership of the housing society can only be given to vegetarians because the flat is situated in Hindu colony Dawar. But it is just en axcuse, even Muslim film sctors like Imran Hashmi can not hire a flate in Mombai. In this atomic age no country is like India in discremination with minorities, except Burmese who is killing Muslims..

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