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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Taliban Do Not Hit Drones Inspite Of Having All The Sources?

I astonish when political leaders like Imran Khan, Ulema e Karam (religious scholars) condemn the USA for drone attacks, it is ok they are right drone missiles some times kill innocent women, children and elderly. But the reason is clear, USAs targets are correct but as majority of Taliban are relatives of tribal people, have nmarried in the areas, have kids and children, then when in home their close relative will also be killed during drone strikes. Why Taliban want to involve our Pak army to shoot down drones. why not they themselves, wghen they missile, rocket launches that they kill innocent people with them why do not they hit drones. The first demand of Taliban is to stop strikes, as such they will have no fear and they would be able to do what ver they like in Pakistani cities. The present drone attack was not done by Pakistani public, but when they blasst bombs more civilians then security official are killed. They do not care whethr the explosions are done in civilian area or that of security forces. Why do they kill innocent people? Pakistani army can hot everything in the sky, but what is guarantee that Taliban will not kill civilians. They have threatened now, afte the killing of Hakeem Ullah Mahsood, to make the country hell. I rquest Taliban pleae for Allah's sake forgive innocent people, if you consider your war again pro Americans, including VVIPs go ahrad who has tied your hand ., do whatteveryou like with the government higher ups. But forgive Muslims. It is is fact too that the blasts in mosques, Shia Imam Bargahs are not done by you , they paid people by Istael and India but you know them why do not you stop them. Afghan Amir ul Momaneen Mullah Umar is true Mujahid , Afghan Taliban never hurt people of Pakistan They have also warned uoy not to carry out subvesive activities against people of Pakistan, but why you do so. We have one Allah, one Rasool one Quran, Whom yoy are killing yiour Muslim brother who never fire on you, common peol;e are poorm, busy in their earnings, you know the situation of poors due tpo price hike. Why do you kill labour, workers, women and children. Your famililies are not killed by these people.

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