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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Next 48 Hours Are Most Dangerous In Punjab--- VVIPs Stopped To Participate In Functions

Security of PM, CM Punjab and other CMs, governors, ministers and VIPs have been tightened due to the refusal of Taliban from talks and possible risks of terrorists' activities in Punjab or ellsewhere. Interior ministry has warned some VIPs to avoid participating in public gatherings, functions regarding inaugurations of developmental projects. They have also been advised not to meet any stranger. According to intelligence sources more than 38,640 rangers, police and officials of law enforcing agencies have been deployed for the security of VVIPs, VIPs, high ranking beaurocrats, heads of political parties and foreign diplomates, (BUT HOW MANY FOR MASSES). Seventy-one thrats have been received by several VIPs and important government officers from different groups including TTP during a month. Sources say that 200 commodos of rangers, 560 officials of intelligence including 1810 poice officials and officers have been deployed on the security of PM, while,on the security of CM Punjab and his wife 1120 commondos of elite Force have been appointed. Next 48 hours have been termed the 'most dangerous' for subversive activities. The alert issued by the Punjab interior ministry is said to be the most critical ever. Kidnappings of VIPs is also feared so all VIPs have beenadvised to retrict their movemments. They will carry out their ministeial activities by remote control and the public has been handed over to Allah, Who saves His creatures from all dificulties. May Allah Save My country and my poor people. I do not pray for political leaders because they are have security circles around them they will save thenm becasuse they do not TRUST Allah. They trust their securities. On other side, spokeprson of TTP Asmat ullah DShaheen has said we will attack every where in Pakistan and our first target is Punjab, the center of Sharif's family. Our big target is Nawaz Sharif. We will not attack public places, parks, markets and other places except VVIPs and military and security forces installations. Comon people do not need to fear. He dded that government should forget about any talk.

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