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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heidi Montag Replaces Size -F Implants With C-Cups

Bigger is not always better-- just ask Heidi Montag. Three years after famously going under the knife to get size-F breast implant (along with nine other plastic surgeries in a single day) the former Hill star returned to the OR to down size her bust. Now in the new issue of Us Weekly, she is opening up about the procedure and proudly showing off her brand new C-cup implants. Posing seaside in Santa Barbara, Calf, on Nov 1, the blonde bombshell unveiled her smaller, more manageable breasts which she had redone in six- hour procedure on Nov 4. Prior to the operation she hsad been suffering a number of health problems- all related to her size- F implants, which she says weighed "three pounds each". "I could not conceptualize their weight in my body". The 27-year-old MTV alum tells Us weekly of her old implants. "they felt like bowling balls on my chest" They were so heavy, in fact, that she stsrted having back and neck problems, as well as numbness in her sarms. That plus a meeting with reconstructive specialist Jay Orringer convinced her she needed to have implants replaced. Now she tells she feels better than she has in years. "I am the new, new, new Heidi: she raves.

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