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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Science Has Acknowledged The "Quranic Sura" About Human Creation From Sticky Clay

Science has acknowledged the faxt written in Holy Books by Almight Allah about the creation of living things including human beings. Quran Majeed has already narrated thousadns of years ago the creation of human beings from stickey most claye soil. Therefore, Iblees (Devil) had refusd the order of Allah, the Almighty to bow to the statue of clay ( human being) as he was proud of his creation from NAR ( Fire). He was thrown to earth for his disobedience and will be misleading humans till the Day of Judgement. Everything is given in Quran already for the last 1,550 years. The scintists did not acknowledge this fact. Now, in a study conducted by the scientists in the Cornell University New York, have admitted this fact on scientific basis. It is indicated in the reserch that sticky claeye soil is a mixture of such minerals that have microscopic molecules and chemicals. The study results showed that these chemicals changed into DNA and proteins that slowly adopted the form of living cells, after the chemical reactions of billion of years. Researcher professor Dan Leo told that old geographical history indiicates that sticky wet soil of sea was the basis of life. And ALLAH SAYS IN QURAN HAKEEM THAT HE CREATED LIVING THINGS FROM NONLIVING ONES. SUBHAN ALLAH. aLLH O AKBAR HE IS GREAT HE IS MERCIFIFULL MY LORD MY ALLAH

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