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Monday, November 4, 2013

Parvez Musharraf Will Leave Country Tomorrow

The decision on the bail of Ghazi Abdul Rasheed case that was reservesd will be announced today that is expected in his favor and Musharraf will go out of the country, to morrow. The discussion against Musharraf under article 6, in the senate was delayed due to meaningless conflicts between government and opposition. A former minister on the condition of anonymity told that all the preparations for Musharraf to leave Pakistan has been completed and he will leave soon. However, Musharraf, a former army chief and a commodo soldier has shown a lot of courage and boldness to come to Pakistan and face the cases and house arrests. He is not like Altaf Hussain who is hiding himself in London and cries through remote control do not have courage to come and face the cases and live in Pakistan. .

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