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Monday, November 18, 2013

Workers Engaged In Construction Work Are Treated as Animals In Qatar--- Amenesty Int'l

The Human Rights Organisation Amnesty International has reported that construction workers in Qatar are expoited on lage-scale. The report came at the time when construction work of different stadium is to be started for Foot Ball World Cup 2022. Emnesty International said foreign workers are neither paid wages in time nor they are provided any clean places to live. They are forced to worjk under dangerous sitiation. AI says that a manager calls the workers "animals". Qatri authorities say that the conditions for working on the construction work will be made pleasant but no step has been taken so far. A I said in its latest report that 1,000 workers were admotted in Trauma Center for tratment who fell down from height during work. Some people people got crippled and other died but no proper treatment was provided to them. What a cruelity is it. Being a Muslim how can they be so cruel to Muslim brothers, most of them being from Pakistan. Who have gone to Qatar for work after selling every thing in their possession for better future of heir family members.

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