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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Songs Of Britney Spears--- An Effective Weapon Against Somali Pirates

The songs of world known pop singer Britney Spear are liked by million of fans throughout the world. The fans of her magical voice are sreaded acroos the globe. The love of Britney Spears's fans has included her among the most popular singers of the USA for the last 15 years. In the beginning of her career her two songs," baby One More Time" and "Oops! I Did It Again" got very popular. Thse were on the top of the music chart for several weeks. The albums that included these songs got rcord business. These songs are listened with great excitement by the people fond of western music, even today. This singer of pop music world is the favourite singer of million of people in theworld. But, it has been disclosed recently that there are people who extremely hate her beautiful voice. You will be astonished to know that Somalian pirates who have created environment of fear in the waters if Indian ocean, dislike her songs. And more astonishing is that her voice is used as a weapon against them. The Somalian pirates have been in the news of the international media, continously, for the last several years. Now the people of every region is aware of their activities.They carry out their activities in the sea adjescent to Africa. They make hostages the ships and the passengers on board, passing through these waters. They demand heavy ransom money from the relatives of the passengers or from ship company. During 2011, these pirates attacked 176 ships. They made hostages some such ships too they had several Pakistanis aboard either as crew or as passengers. They were released after paying heavy ransom money. To counter act the activities of pirates, 14 war ships and 1500 officials of Britain's Royal Navy are patrolling the sea all the time, inspite of all his the activities of pirates continue. The navy is taking the benefit of Briney's songs along with traditional weapons against pirates. Disclosing the secret the officer of merchant navy Rakeel said that Somali pirates extremely hate western culture and western musiic and in no way they can tolerate it. The capatains of ship trevelling in the sea have been advised that on seeing the pirates they should start the above mentioned songs on their equioments with loud voice and the results of these songs have been quit encouraging by far. As soon they hear the songs of Britney songs pirates change their waqy. According to second officer Rakeel the selection of these songs was done by a security team . They thought the pirates will severly dislike these sons and later his idea proved hundred percent right. The senior official of the security association for the Maritime Industry said "this wea[pon" is proving so effctive that some there is no need to use other weapons and pirate flee immediately after listening Britney's songs.

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