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Saturday, November 23, 2013

British Court Branded Husband A 'Liar' and His Ex-Wife ' Conspiray Theorist'

One of the Britain's and most bitter divorce battles culminated o Friday with a High Court judge branding a well-connected millionaire a liar and his ex-wife a conspiray theorist. Far from being 'penniless and hopelessly bankrupt' as he claimed, Scot Young,51, was worth 40 million pounds and his ex-wife Michelle Young, 49, should get half of it, judge phillip Moore rules out. "The case has been extraordinay even by the standards of the most bitter of matrimonial breakdowns" Moore wrote in his ruling, noting that it had taken over six years and 65 court hearings to come to trial. The case had made heasdlines in Britain because of the siize of the claims and fact that Scott had enjoyed financial help from high-profile frimds including Phillip Green, the billionaire owner of the Topshop retail chain. Michelle Young has run up legal bills of 6.5 million pounds while Scot Young has served six months in jail for failing to provide full and frank disclosure of his assets. The pair was married for 17 years untill 2006, and enjoyed lavish lifestyle of mansions, jet-setting holidays and gifts of diamond jewellry funded by scot's investments in property, technology and start-up companies. It all fell apart when marriage breakdown coincided with what the husband described as a total meltdown of his business empire and left him ' penniless and hopelessly bankrupt'.wit unpaid debts of 20 million pounds. The judge said it was impossible to know the full truth of his financial position due to the "significant nibmber of lies told by he husband to so many people over such a long peiod." The judge ordered Young to pay his ex-wife a lump sum of 20 million pounds within 28 days. Michelle maimntained that meltdown wa a fiction specially designed to hide her ex-husband's wealth and to deprive her and couple's two daughters of their rightful share- a vesrion of events also rejected by the judge. " she sees conspiracy everywhere" he wrote. A furious Michelle branded the ruling 'disgraceful'. " i stand by what I said, He is worth billions" she told reporters outside the court, according to reports in several British national media. She also issued a written statement in which she called her ex-husband a "mianic".

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