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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Imran Khan Expelled Qaumi Watan Party (Sherpao) From KPK's Government Coalition

Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw has discharged two important ministers from their offices on the allegations of corruption. They belonged to Qaumi Watan Party of former chief minister of KPK , Aftab Sherpao. The head of the PTI Imran Khan has also orderd Parvez Khatak to expelle the party from coalition government. A statement issued from the office of PTI said that the party was warned twice to stop its minister corruption practices but it did not pay any attention and the minister kept on malpractices. Statement futher said that party had shown its outrage on identifying the corruption and boycotted the cabinet meetings. While Supreme court has rejected the petition against the fake degree of PTI's minister Yousuf ayub. Though statement did not mention the names of ministers but media told that they were Bakht Baidar Khan and Ibrar Hussain. Te PTI's sttement further said that people have voted to PTI sagainst eradicating the corruption so no compromise can be dome on this issue. Qaumi Watan Party has denied the corruption allegations. It is also learnt that investigations are being carried out against other ministers for compaints of corruption. Imran KHan said in his statement that all the members must note that anybody found involved in corruption will meet the same fate. Imran Khan has appreciated the performance and honesty of the ministers of Jamaat e Islami. In the provincial government alliance included, Jamaat evIslami, Qaumi Watan Party, AwamiJamhori Itehad and Tehreek e Insaaf. Qaumi Watan party has 10 members. It is also known that Imran Khan has offered two ministerirs to people's party in the provincial cabinet.

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