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Friday, November 15, 2013

Nawaz Sharif Is Also Following Former Rulers To Be On Foreign Tours All The Time

As the former rulers Asif Zardari and his prime ministers Gilani and Raja Ashraf remained out of the country on unfruitful visits whether people were dying of floods, earth quakes, hunger or committing suicides, the present prime minister has also adopted the same routine. If he tours for getting aids from other countries or it means only recreation but nothing fruitful could be gained in the previous visits not will it give any benefit to the masses in future. He is at present in Sri Lanka from there he will leave for Thailand and on way back he will visit Afghanistan. During the last five months he has been gone to visit China, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Britain. In his visit to the USA he met Obama but did he convince the USA president to stop drone attacks. In the tour of other countries did he get a penny as aid to Pakistan. Why should other countries give money /aid to Pakistan when it is digested by "big" bellies. How much foreig axchequer is spent on thses visits, it is in million dollars and what is the result big Zero. Why not to spend this money on the welfare of the people to sooth them regrding price hike of each consumable items and from gasoline to elecyricity. Why do not our ruklers get lessons from other country's heads. They seldom leave country , if threy are on foreignh tour and two or three of their nationals die in road accidents thry cancell the foreign tour and rturn back to their people to share their griefs. What a unfortunate people of a beautiful coutry(land) Pakistan are.

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