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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Hottest News Casters Of US News Channels

As a citizen of glibal village, TV and news channels are almost essential part of our daily life which is
which is nothing if you ignore the anchor/hosts of the channels. *-Megyn Kelly, Fox News Megyn Kelly is a tough former attorney who found calling on the cable news. This O'Reily-in-training lights up our weeknights as host of The Kelly File, which, coincidently, is the name of the envelope full of photos of her people keep under their bed. *-Betty Nguyen, NBC And MSNBC More remarkable than her escape as an infant from the fall of Saigon was this Texas Longhorn's mutant ability to make us care about news when there were cartoons on. The former host of CNN Satureday Morning and CNN Sunday
Morning, she is now to be seen anchoring the news on NBC and MSNBC. *-Julie Banderas, Fox News Equal parts fiery and flirtatious, this Columbian desk delicacy could originally be seen taking over for
Shepard Smith on weekends of The Fox Report. Happily, she broke through the glass ceiling of weekday reprtage despite never matching Shep's mastery newsworthy obscenity. *-Margaret Brennan, CBS Financial news is eye-stabbingly boring, so it is only logical that the business networks started wrapping it
shinier foil. Ealier, CNBC's former ravishing retail correspondent, we could have watched her report the sand future in Saudi Arabia, as long as it was accompanied by those Irish eyes and a smile as big and sparkly as Warren Buffet's jewelery cave. These days, of course, she is serving as a correspondent for CBS news, principally assigned to State Department. *-Rebecca Jarvis, ABC After coming up short as a candidate on The Appearance 4, Becky Trumped her former competitors with her fetchingly fiscal live reports from the stock exchange and spot desk duties at the NASDAQ Market Site.
All of a sudden, economy-destabilizing market volatility had a seductive brunette lining-a lining that is comfortably embedded at ABC.

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