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Friday, November 29, 2013

Gen Haroon Aslam Is Too Dishearted

The senior most superceded lt Gen Haroon Aslam for the appointment of army chief or chairman of joint chiefs was told that he is being appointed as CJCSC and he shared this news with his close friends and family members and has been receiving congratulations, till Nov 26, but he did not expect what was done to him. Because during the visit of prime minister to GHQ, gen Haroon was told off the record that PM wants to appoint him CJCS instead of army chief. But when the nominations for the army chief and CJCS were announced he was in his office in GHQ from where he left for home. Gen Kiani, Gen Rashid and Gen Raheel expressed sympathies with him for being superceeded. But Gen is too diahearted that he left attending office before his application for resignation was accepted. He even did not attend corp commondars farewll conference inspite of army chief's directions. It is said that an informal meeting with PM damaged his career. Another reason for being ignored for the appoint of any of the two offices was his alleged role in murder of Akbar Bugti. At the time he was appointed as General Officer Commonding Quetta as Maj Gen and leading the operation against Baloch separatists in Dera Bugti. The supporters of Haroon Aslam say that the direct directions for the operations by Musharraf were given to Col aamir Hameed, who had metMushrraf before leaving for Quetta. On the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations on 14th of August this year in Convention Center Islamabad when half a dozen senior army officers left the hall with Kiani, Haroon Aslam did not accompany them but was waiting in Veranda to meet PM who had to pass from here. Though he met PM but this meeting damageable for him, because army leadership got annoyed of his his act. His attempts to meet several leasders for appointment as army chief did not prove beneficial for him. However, Nawaz Sharif may not have committed the same mistake as he did previously or as did late Bhutto. May Allah bring peace to Pakistan who ever is the chief of army. However, new army chief belongs to the family of Martyres and courageous army officers. He is the younger brother of Shabbir Shahhed NH and nephew of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed.

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