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Friday, November 15, 2013

Imran Khan! You Proved To Be Different From Other Pakistani Politicians

Imran Khan the latest step taken by PTI in Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw indicates that Tehreek e Insaaf respects the mandate of the people who trustd PTI and PTI is slowly heading toward the fulfilling of the promises it had made with the voters. I pay salute to my brothrs in KPK and me too belonging to KPK am proud of you and your government in KPK. The two big issues confronting our province are corruption and law and order situation in the province. As far as the terrorism is concerned it is the problem of whole country, KPK government is trying its best to curb the menace. But, definetely it does not have the sourcs as federal governnment has, but it is trying its best to control it. Imran Khan! you are different. You will bring change in our province. Our people are brave, simple, sincere, and intelligent who elected PTI to rule KPK. No goverment before r could dare to discharge the corrupt ministers, your government did so and did not care whether its government stands or falls. It is a great and bold step. Insha Allah, Allah will retain your government in KPK and other corrupt people whether in beauracracy or government will meet the same fate. This is the corruption in our society that is hallowing the roots of our country. Previous government did not dare to expell the corrupt people due to fear of government to fall and turn into minority but you government has the credit of kicking the corrupt people. Whether they are Bakht Baidar Khan and Ibrar Husain from QWP or Yousuf Ayub from KPK , no corruot or lier will ramain in theKPK government. JUI is eager to take over the government because it can not live with wihout rule, but its dream will never come true. Imran Khan go ahead Allah and His Help is with you, Uoy also have the love of Pakhtoons. May My Allah bless you. Do not retreat. Success will bow to you and one day world will see Imran Khan made my country "pak" from corruption and corrupt people. The allegations of QWP are baseless we know. If Omran Khan recoomended any person as Chief executive in Oil and Gas then he must be an honest man not like others. As Shireem mazari said the letter shown by Sikadar Sherpao is bogus and crries the fake signatures of Imran Khan. QWP had to say something about to support its ministers, however, more allegations are still to come against PTI but will all be bogus and fake. Let it go to the apex court and court will open every thing.

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