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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dialogue Can Not Be Held With "American Slaves"---- TTP

Announcing the appointment of Asmat Ullah Shaheen as care taker chief, the TTP has refused to hold talks with government. In the first statement of TTP after the killing of Hakeem Ullah Mahsood in drone strike, TTP has used very harsh words and termed the "apostayed and non-sacred" army and the USA responsible for Mahsood's murder and also threatened to take revenge of his death. Criticising the media the TTP spokesman refused to talk to "American Slaves" ( pakistani government). Denying the media news about crisis among the ranks of TTP hesaid all the members of TTP sare united and the announcement of the name of new chief will be done shortly. Shahidullah Shahid said that TTP was not a democratic party that it will decide on the basis of majority but the important decisions are done by 'Majlis e Shora" a consultative group.

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