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Monday, November 18, 2013

The New Mutated Version Of Bacteria Is More Dangerous--- Experts

A World Commission of medical experts have said that modern medical sector and medicines are to face more danger because of such new generation of bacteria that are becoming resistant to drugs. The experts have urged on increased global cooperation to face this challenge from new generation of bacteria.Experts say that we have entered the age ahead of anti-biotic medicines and the medicines destroying bacteria but if we have to ovoid more serious effects of baterial generationj the medical experts will have to become more active. In the report it is said that anti-biotic drugs must not be used in each and every minor disoreder that can cause fatal results and the manufacturers and researchers should think about evolving new type of drugs to combat against new drug resistant generation of bacteria. In the reportvit is said if anti-biotic drugs got totally ineffective then taking from minor surgeries to treatments like cancer caqmotherapy will get impossible. This will result in the death rate as high as it was during the beginning of twentieth century in developed countries.

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