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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crack Down Against Foreigners Continues In Saudi Arabia

Saudi authorities is continueing crack down against foreigners having illegal status and 17,000 expatriates have handed over them selves voluntarily to the saudi officials. Te spokeperson of Rayath police col Nasir told that those arrested during the crack down have been kept in safety centers and arrangements for their deortation are being made. Col Qahtani told the arreste people include children, women and several families. He told that on Sunday Ethopian illegal residents tried to protest in Mukka Mukarrama but they were controlled and 5,000 Ethopians have been arersted. THese people include 119 women and 11 children. The crack down operation will be extended to oter big cities, but before that Saudi government is trying to deport first the captured people to their homelands. Governmen had given seven months period to hese illegal inhabitants to complete legal documents and fulfill other formalities to be with legal status to live in the Kingdom.

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