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Monday, November 11, 2013

Munawwar Hassan Must Apologize On Disgracing Thousands Of Martyres--ISPR

Pakistan Army has taken serious notice of the statementt of chief of Jamaat e Islami Munawwar Hassan about declaring Kakeem Ullah Mahsood and othermilitants "martyres". Pak army termed his statement as baseless, mislrading, painful and based on personal interests, thus he disgraced the thousands of security officials and officers who sacrificed their lives for the protection and safeguarding the nation and the country. Spokesperson of Pak army has asked Amir Jammat to apoligize from the famililies of martyres, and his party should clear its position regarding their chief's statement. Hoever, not only sarmy but millions of Pakistanis also condenm the statementsof Munawwar Hassan. People of Pakistan love Pak army whatever it is doinf it is for the safety and protection of the nation and it does not need any certificate from Munawwar Hassan. On other government is trying to contact Maulvi Sufi Muhammad and Siraj Haqqani for initisating talks. But sources say that Sufi Muhammad has no influence on Fazal Ullah and hey are not on talking terms. Because Faqir Muhammad accepts Pakistan's constitution and law and within its limits he wanted the implementation of Shasriae Muhammad (PBUH), whereas, Fazal Ullag believe in violence and arms and wars (JIhad) against Government. Sufi Muhammad also considers Fazal Ullah responsible for the failure of agreeement between his group and the government. Maulvi Sufi Muhammad stopped talking to Mullah Fazal when he married former's daughter without his consent. The daughter of Sufi Muhammad and the wife of Fazal Ullah with her four children is residing in a viaale of district Maradan in KPK. Fazal Ullah also married the widow of his deceased brother Fazal Waheed on January 13, 2006, after he was killed in a drone attack in Dama Dola of Bahuar Agency. Mullah Fazal is living with his second wife in Afghanistan.

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