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Friday, November 8, 2013

Mother-In -Law Never Asked But People Ask When Is Baby Due---- Sania Mirza

India star tennis player Sania Mirza with her partner Cara Babak has come among the World's top ten players ,in women's doubles, after winning China Open. Now a days instead of prepring for any competition she is relaxing and is on vacation for next three to four weeks. She spent 3-4 days with her husband Shoib Malik in Dubai. Usually they meet out side the country during their matches. They rarely come together to Pakistan. When askeed did she feel any major change in her life after marriage. Sge denied any big change but said minor chanes occur in my life but big change is there. Shoib knows that game is my first preference as is Shoib's and we have compromise on this. Shoib ubderstands this. She said as a husband and a cricketer Shoib is quite different. as a player he is always in hurry to hit the ball ans no patience but as a husband he is different and has a lot of patience. Sania said her mother-in-law is understanding that she remains too busy so Sania said she seldom goes to meet her but we talk everyday on phone. My mother-in-law never asked that when she would be mom but people usually ask when she is going to be a mother. But at present it is not easy to have baby but time will come when my mother-in-law will be grandmom and my husband will be father of a baby.

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