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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Judy The British "Garbage Girl" Who Is Determined To Clean India, The Third Dirtiest Country Of The World

Five months ago the heavy rains and flood water inundated a vast area of the population in nortgern state Utar Khanda of India. State departments helped them to greater extent, army rescue workers help the people reach to camps and provided them shelter and other food items. But, a the large number of sfectees threw a lot of trash and garbage that oiled around the camps and cleaning organisations were helpless to clean the dumped garbages. Meanwhile, some people from here called 'Garbagr Girl" who is identifid by this name. The garbage girl reached to Utara Khand accopanied by her aides and all jumped into the piles of garbages without any hesitation and caring for the dirty trash and started cleaning the trashes. The garbage girl is not a common sweapress of the streets but is a British girl belonging to beautiful coastal area of Permouth in England. She belongs to a rich family and she had got every worldly facilities that people can dream of. But leaving all the her luxurient life she started war against garbages and trashes to clean one of the dirtiest countries of the world, the India. She gathers trashes in Dera Done and worship places of Hindus and creates awareness among the peole about cllealiness. She started cleaning work all alone herself but slowly anf grdually other vollunteers gathered around her and now she is running a NGO called "Waste Warriors". Cleaning the India is her mission. She is 37-years but unmarried and says she has married her mission. Inspite of being the head of a NGO she cleans the dirty places herself having sweap in her hand. She does not feel any shame in cleaning bad smelling sewarages nullas or spitting of chewing gums or any garbage.

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