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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obama's Daughter Malia Included In The List Of Influencial Teens for 2013

American magazine 'Times' has included Malia, the daughter of American president Obama, and Malala Yousuf Zai from Pakistan's Swat has included in the list of most influential teen ager of the world for 2013.
Mala Yousuf Zai is on seventh position on the list of 'Times' magazine for 2013. Magazine say that Malala had raised powerful voice for the education of girls. Magazine has kept Malia, the elder daughter of Obama on 15th number. During the oath taking ceremony of their father for presidential office for the second time, Malia and Sasha attitude was just like common children not the daughters of a president of a super power. Rock star of Newzea Land 17-year-old Lordc topped the list of influencial teenagers of 'Times' magazine. American magazine issues a list of such young boys and girls who perform some extra ordinary work in her/field of expertise, like young singers, players and experts of modern technologies.

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