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Monday, November 18, 2013

Jaimie Alexender Deinies Going Without Underwear At Thor 2 Premiere

Was she or was not she? Jaimie Alexnder made headlines last week for presumably going witjout underwear in an ultra-sheer dress to the Hollywood premiere of Thor: The Dark World On Nov 4. But during a November 14 appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the 29-year-old actress dienied being completely naked underneath the blacl azzaro couture gown. "Did you wear anything under that dress", host Jay Leno asked, " Like underwear or something like that". "there was something under there," Jaimie said without elaborating further on what exactly that "something" was. But the actress did share her secret for how she made the revealing dress stay in place while walking the red carpet. " There was a lot of toupee tape", she explained, referring to the adhesive used to attach hairpieces. " i do not see the toupee" Leno quipped. " That is good, Jay, I did not want anybody to see the toupee," Alexender joked. She also added that she walked "very carefully" flexing every muscle that I do not have" so nothing would move out of plasce. Alexender has been dating Jennie Garth's ex-husband Peter Fecinelli since fall 2012, but she attended the Thor: Dark World preimiere solo. Leno joked that she must have attracted a lot of attention from men, but Alexender said" No, I get hit on by a a lot of chicks though". Another way the actress preparee to look her best in the sheer dress? Us Weekly exclusively leant that Alexender got a St Tropez spray tan ahead of her red carpet appearance. "Jaimie has an absolutely extraordinsary figure, but with such a revealing dress, we did a St Tropez Skin Finish to contour the body- enhancing her natural shape and muscle tone." Fione Locke, a St Propez Skin finishing expert told Us Weekly. "skin Finishing adds a layer of confidence to your skin, making you feel a little less naked".

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