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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Government's New Attempts For Talks With Taliban

After the harsh stsatements of the new Taliban chief Mulla Fazal Ullah, interior minister has enhanced his attempts to convinve Taliban to sit on dialogue table, for which he called the general secretary of Wafaq ul Madaras ul Arabia (Federeation of religious schools) Qari Hanif Jaladhari and requested him to cooperate for the talks with Taliban. Taliban thanked Munawwar Hassan the head of Jamaat e Islami to term Hakeem Ullah Mahsood as 'Martyre". Government is also thinking to seek the help of Sufi Muhammad, the father-in-law of Mullah Fazal who is in prison in Central Jail Peshawar, regarding the talks with Taliban. Sufi Muhammad is the person who does not recognize the democracy and is strictly against this system. Government had once agrrement in 2008 with Sufi Muhammad but that had failed. Government is considering to release Sufi Muhammad for the purpose. It is not that Government is feeling the pain of masses but it is anxious for its leaders who are on the prime target of Taliban. Government had started operation in Swat on April 16, 2009, after which Mullah Fazal fled to Nuristan, in Afghanistan. Moreover, government will also contact Siraj Haqqani the head of Haqqani network, at war with the USA in Afghanistan. At the moment, Taliban do not seem to be inclined to talks. Taliban hate the present government and all of its leaders, they have only expressed their likliness toward Chief Justice of Pakistan Chaudhary Muhammad Iftekhar, among the empowered personalities.

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