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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jihad In Pakistan Is Haraam (Unislamic)-----Aasia Andraabi

Kashmiri leader Aasia Andraabi has said Jihad in Pakistan is UnIslamic (Haraam). She said while talking to BBC that an Alqaeda member had contacted her to make sure the participation of Kashmiri young men in the "Jihad of Implementation of Sharia laws In Pakistan" She said though she was told that a Saudi journalist wanted to interview her but when the man met me he told that he belonged to Al-Qaeda and also sponsors Tehreek e Taliban active in Pakistan. Aasia said that she replied to his offer that Kashmiris will never be the part of any conspiracy that weakens Pakistan. Aasia said she replied to the socalled journalist that this type of plan can not be constituted by Al Qaeda and he was the the agent of any other agency. She shuntede that man and directeed him to return back because she said she considered it a sin to fire a bullet on the soil of Pakistan. Aasia said the man referree to the Hadith (PBUH) about the forecast of Ghazwa e Hind (Islamic battle of Hind, India), but she said "I said what he is referring to will start from central Russia not from Pakistan". And Kashmiri will never make themselves a part of any nefarious designs of Pakistan's enemies. She said there are such sincere young people in TTP who really want the implementation of Shsaria in Pakistan. She said India and Israel are actively taking part in conspiracies in Pakistan hrough TTP. All they are doing is to destabilize Pakistan.

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