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Friday, May 31, 2013

Taliban Announced To Take Revenge Of Wali ur Rahman's Killing

Taliban termed government responsible for killing of Vice Amir of Taliban Tehreek and announced to revenge his murder, they refused to talk to government. Said Khan Sajna has been apponited vice Amir in Wlai's place. Fazal and Sami Ul Haq say that world has lost a good chance for peace in the region. Wali Ur Rahman the second important commandar of Taliban that has been killed in drone attack. Earlier, during January Mulla Nazir was killed in a sililar drone attack. Wali Ur Rahman belonged to a stronger branch Mal KHael of Mahsood tribe South Waziristan)., therefore many Mahsood people were with him. He was popular among Mahsood tribe. He was more active than Hakeem Ullah Mahsood. Forty-year Wali's latest statement was released on May 15, in which he declared democracy againmst the norms of Islam. After his desath tyhee is no member of his calibre. But why USA attacked atther time when government of Pakistan and Taliban were heading toward dialogue and to maintain peace in the region through ceases fire. It happens usually when government is ready to talk to Taliban USA attacks on WAziristan. While, it itself talks to Taliban in Qatar and other Arab countries. How would Imran tackle the drone issue in KPK and center government. It will be observed inb near fuiture because Taliban may start another bloody round of suicide attacksl However, some analysts say Taliban have lost strength, but it will be follishness to think so . Enemy should never be thought weaker. May Allah save Pakoistan and the innocent perople of my country. Thery have relief no where.

Woman Sues United Airlines For Allowing Man To Masturbate In The Flight

A young woman named Monica Amestoy has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines in which she alleged that a male passenger was allowed to masturbate right in front of her in the flight last year. The insident took place when the now 18-year old was flying back to Los Angeles from ma high school debate in New York. During a press conference other night. Amestoy explained that the guy was sitting across from her when he pulled out hios unit and that the flight attendants--alerted to the self-pleasing situation did nothing to stop it. The unidentified psassenger has been arrested and convicted of the crime and has also since been registered as a sex offender. But, Amestoy( who is represented by Gloria Alfred) is seeking unspecified damages for negligence, fall impprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Justin's Baby Mama Speaks Out

Look at it this way, Justin Bieber at least this will serve as a distraction from your ongoing reckless driving issues. A 27-year old European tells Star Magazine she slept with Justin Bieber in February 2010 and gave birth to singer's child none months later. "Justin did not know anyrthing about it' an insider tell the tabloid. "She just wanted to protect her baby. She wants to keep herself and her family away from any spotlight." So, why is she coming out now? That(along with ther validity of this story) is unclear. But the woman reportedly met Bieber at a Friday in South Beach and went back to Gansevoort hotel to communicate the relationship ( you know what we mean). She then returned to Europe a few weeks later, discovered she was knocked up, and according to star was " 100 percent sure" Justin was responsible. Unlike Mariah Yeater who sued Bieber for paternity of her baby in 2011, and who was eventually proven to be a total liar, this woman is not asking for a thing from the star. "She is going to leave it up to Justin to decide, at any point in the future that he chooses, if he ever wants to involved with the child"

Heart Attack Risks Are Increased By Use Of High Doses Of Painkillers

Long-term high-dose use of pain killers such as ibuprofen diclofenac is "eually hazardous" in terms of heart attack risks as use of the drug Vioxx which was withdrawn due to its potential dangers, reserchers say. Presenting the results of a large international study into a class of painkillers called non steriodal anti-flammatory drugs (NSAIDs), the researcher said high dose of them increase the risks of a major vascular event- a heart attack, stroke or dying from cadiovascular disease - by around a third. This means that for every 1,000 people with an average risk of heart disease who take dichlofenac or ibuorofen for a year, about three extra would have an avoidable heart attack, of which one would be fatal, researchers say. This puts the risk of genetic NSAIDs on a par with a newer class of NSAIDs known as COX-2 inhibitors or coxibs, which includes Vioxx - a painkiller that US drug maker Merck pulled from sale in 2004 because of links to heart attacks.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

USA Demostrated Its Drone Attack Policy Practically In North Waziristan

The USA will never stop drone attacks as Obama declared it a "Justified War" against Taliban. What the the to be prime minister say about it? What is rection of Imran KHan who wanted to hit drones? America has shown its decision about the drones practically. How the the beggers can dictate masters? Can next prime minister has the courage to protest agaonst drone attack, not like PPP government that repeastedly used to say it is attack on Pakistan's sovereignity and integrity. First make your country self reliance in every thing from economy to power shortage then you will have the courage to hit and stop and then you will have independent sovereign state. Otherwise wll be begging all the time.

Mallika Sherawat Cricized India Calling It Regressive And Depressing

Saudis And Other Nationals Held for Mixed Gender Party In Saudia

Saudi paper reported that 30 people including Saudis and Westerners were caught by Saudi Religious Police after they held a mixed-gender party involving nude persons, drugs, s@x and "Satanic Rituals". Members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Protection of Vice raided a night-camp outside the capital Riyadh lit by movie-inspired fire torches and arrested 30 persons from 11 nationalities, some of whom were totally naked. Sabq newspaper quoting a Commission member, said three men were caught having sex with women inside the tent and others were siezed with drugs. "They were having drugs and alcohlic drinks and some of them were moving and dancing to "strange music". the paper qouting as saying," Many of them were dancing around a fire as part of their Satanic rituals, and unfortunately some of them were Suadis." The paper said those arrested were from the United States, Europe, Saudia and other Arab countries.

Chinese Hackers Got Access To Important American Defence Secrets

An American newspaper has reported that Chinese hackers got access to more than two dozen designs of American weapons. Washington post has reported referriong to a document of PENTAGON that hackers have stolen systems pertaining to jet fighters, marine ships and defence misiles. It was also said in th report of Defence Science Board that USA was not ready for full cyber attacks, however, a spokeperson of PENTAGON said that with this the technical speriority of the USA will not suffer. The report of Washington Post hascome into light at the time when Australia has said that the map/plane of its local secret building had also been stolen. According to the report the stolen American designs include the most modern Patriot Misile System PAC-3, Anti-Misile system Thaad, and Navy's Balistic Defence System. Moreover, the design maps of Black Hawk Helicopters, F/A-18 fighters, V-22 Ospray planes, and Navy's new Litoral fighters have also been stolen. The list of stolen designs also include that of F-35 plane that is the most expensive weapon of the world so far. Though report did not tell about the volume of the steeling but the analysts say that China could get the information that could be used in any possible future war againmst the USA. In a statement the spokeman George Little of American defence department said that PENTAGON fully trusts the plateforms of its weapons. He added that defence department take the cyber spying and attacks and cyber security very seriously, therefore they were increasing their funding. He said that it was a misconception that our technical capabilities or superiority had suffered due to cyber attacks.

Lady Gaga Has Been Slammed By Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne apparently is unafraid of a few (million) monsters. The television celebrity flashes her bra and cleavages on the cover of new issue of Cosmopolitan- but it is what he says about Lady Gaga inside the magazine is making the headlines. It all started earlier tis year, when Gaga penned a letter to Osbourne and labelled her a "bully" for criticizing celebrity fasion choice for living. Osbourne then stuck up for her daughter and went off on Gaga, calling the singer a "hypocrite and an attention seeker". And now Kelly has gone ahead and dropped H bomb once more herself. " I love Gaga. I totally believed in everything she stood for, until I realized she is a great big hypocrite," she tells Cosmo. "Do not say", when you see bullyibg, intervene, " while letting your fans send me death threats. If my fans did that I would not stand for it. "I know the truth, your bells and whistles mean nothing to me. You are feeding on freaks and geeks to further your career? Do you really casre about the gay community? Because if you did, you would stand for it more than you do." Osbourne also said her goal is to win Golden Globe and then took a shot on her critics. "people this is my 15 minutes F"ck you I have got an hour.

PML(N) With 186 Seats In NA Emerged As The Largest Party

Marvi Memon, Tahira Aurangzeb, Zaib Jafer, Sheerin Mazari, Iffat Liaqat, Nafeesa Shah, Aliza Haidar vand Hameda Waein have been elected members national assembly on women's reserved seats. After the allotment of women's reserved seats to different parties proportionally, PML(N) is on the top with 186 seats, PPP with 40 second, PTI third with 35 and MQM with 23 seats became the fourth major party in NA. The PML had 145 seats after joining the independent members so it got reserved seats of women (35) and minorities(6) seats on this proprtion. PPP succeeded on 32 seats in general election so it got 7 women's reserved seats and one minority seat, PTI had 28 in election so six seats of women and one of minority was alloted to it, MQM had 18 seats in election and got four women and one minority seat, JUI 10 plus three women and one minority seat, Jamat e Islami had three general seats and got one women seat, National party had two general and got one women seat, and Q league has two general and on one seat it will have toss against PPP. More over eight parties having one seat each along with eight independent members will also be present in the national assembly. On the minority's reserved seats the candidates nominated by PML (N) Dr Darshan from Ghotki Sindh, Bhawan Das from Sanghir, Stephen Yar Bhindara from Rawalpindi, Tariq Crotopher Qaisar from Sargodha and Khalil Francis from Quetta succeeded to reach NA. Lal Chand from Umasr Kot Sindh will be minority member in NA nominated by PTI.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beyonce's Rear End Is Now The Body Part Making The Headlines

Beyonce's belly has been in the news a lot lately, as fans wonder whether she is pregnant with baby number-two. Butthe singer's rear end is now the body part making the headlines, thanks to spome idiot at her concert in Cpenhagan other night. The artist was slappimg live with attendees while belting out a verse from "Irreplaceable" when a guy just could not resist: he reached out and slapped her butt. MrsCasrter responded quickly and cooly ("I will have you escorted out right now, alright!?") and conrinued on with the show like a pro.

Australians--- The World's Happiest Nation

Despite some signs of a slowing economy, Australia has once again been crowned the world's happiest nation, based on on criteria including income, jobs, housing and health. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Better Life Index, Australia has managed to retain the top spot for the third year ruinning ahead of Sweden and Canada. The Index ranks 34 countries that are the members of OECD, which brings together most of the world's developed economies and a number of emerging economies, plus key partners Beazil and Russia. Over time, the Index is expected to expand to cover the OECD four other key partners, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa. "Australia performs exceptionally well in measures of well-being, as shown by the fact that it ranks among the top countries in a large number of topics in the Better Life Index," the OECD said. In Australia, the average household net-adjusted disposable income is $28,884 a year, more than the OECD average of $ 23,047 a year. Regarding the public sphere, there is a strong sense of community and high level of civic participation in Australia, where 94 % of people believe they know someone they could rely on in the time of need, higher than the average of OECD of 90 %. In terms of employment, over 73 % of people aged 15-64 in Australia have a paid job, above the OECD employment average 66 per cent.

Film About Lesbians Gets Palme d'Or Award In Cannes Film Festival

The film about French Lesbian's romance won the highest award Palme'Or at Cannes film festival. Blue is the warmest killer got fame due to its bold s@x scenes. The prominent roles were played by Adele Zera Ko Polis and Lee Sandox. Similarly, experienced Hollywood actor Brose Drun won the awrd for best actor in film "Nebraska" The French actress Bronis Beejo, who got famous from her silent movie 'The Artist' won the award for best actress in the film "the Past". On Sunday the award were given to best movies among the 20 films presented in the festival. Mexican film director Amat Maskalante won awardfor best actor on film "Hele" based on the the notorious drug mafia in his country in which he presented the vilent war between the different maphia groups. Indian actress Vidya Balan was among the judges of the film festival.

I Will Not Marry A Showbiz Man--- Saba Qamar

A good news for those candidates of Saba Qamar who are out of showbiz and film industry. Saba Qamar said that she would not marry a person in the showbiz or film industry as the showbiz couple always doubt each other and life gets miserable instead of giving mental contention and peace. She said that unique type of roles always keep the artist prominent. She said that showbiz was the only sector where one can progress with hard work. But she ignore the fact that this is the only industry where physical contacts and play important role to get ahead. Therefore, nearly 95 % of the actresses in the showbiz belong to s@x industry. She does not favor the Indian pictures in Pakistan but she said this is only due to the crisis in Pakistani film industry that Indian movies are released in Pakistan.

PM Designate Has Decided The Portfolios Of Federal Cabinet

Prime Minister designate Mian Muhammad Nazaz Sharif has finalized the names of 23-member federal cabinet that will include 10 federal ministers, eight ministers for state and five advisors. Finance will be given to Ishaq Dar, interior ministry to Chaudhary Nisar, Energy( Water, electricity, petroleum and nastural resources to Khawaja Asif, Trade to Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, law, justice and parliamentary affairs to Zahid Hamid, railways to Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, foreign affairs to Aghsan Iqbal, while advisor for foreign afairs will be Tariq Fatimi. Zulfiqar Khosa, Parvez Rashid and Mushahid Ullah Khan from senate will be included in the cabinet. Other ministers will include Khawaja Saad Rafique, Sikandar Bosan, Sardar Yousuf, Abdul Qadir Baloch and Javed Ali Shah. Ministers of state will include, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhary minister of state for foreign affairs, Anosha Rahman for law, justice and parliamentary affairs, and Khurram Dastqir minister of state for trade. Prime minister can appoint five advisors, constitutionally that will have the status of federal ministers. Ghaus Ali Shah, Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, and Tariq Fatimi may be appointed as advisors. It is also likely that among the caretaker ministers Malik Habib and Malik Tasadduq may be appointed as advisors. In the cabinet Zulfiqar Khisa, Sikandar Bosan, Javed Ali Shah and eng Balighur Rahman will represnt souther Punjab. According to sources the names of Saad Rafique, Mushahis Ullah Khan and Pasrvez Rashid are being considered for minister of information. There are reservations in the party about Abdul Qadir Baloch for appointing him as interior minister as he has been corp commandar Quetta, Gujranwala and governor Baluchistan during Musharraf era. Having military background it is feared that his stance will be nearer to military views than that to civil idealogy. One ministry each to PML functional and Pakhtun Khaw ASwami party will be given. Jui will be aloted one ministry if it joins government. Sources say that Mushahid Ullah Khan may be given ministry of Port and Shipping because this ministry has always been in Karachi. His name is also considertede for governor Sindh. Anosha Rahman is desirable for ministry of IT but she will be appointed minister for state. Ghaus Ali Shah from Sindh wioll be advisor to prime minister for defence. Shahbaz Sharif will help Khawaja Asdif Khawaja Asif in the affairs of his ministry for energy to solve the energy crisis. It means that Shahba Sharif will be deputy prime minister as well as chiefv minister ofPunjab. Good and nice for the nation. He is a good administrator. He changed the face of Punjab and made Lahore a European city.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Film Zindgi 50:50 Of Veena Malik Has Been Released In India But Banned In Pakistan

Veena Malik's Bollywood film Zindgi 50:50 has been released in India but it would be released in Pakistan. Ther are no big names in the film therefore distributers do not take risk if loss to get its rights for release in Pakistan. Rge casts include Veena Malik, Riya Sen, Arya Babar and Rajan Verma. The importes believe this will be a flop film so they did nor show interest in getting it. The most importasnt factor of not getting its rightsfor Pakistan is that as usual Veena has bold and naked scenes in the film so it will creat a hue and cry in the country nationwide and film will have to be dropped and distributors will suffer losses. The pros of India is performing as she is used to and bringimng bad name to pakistan whereas, she is the keep of Indian actors and every body in India.

MQM Has 10,000 Armed Men And 25,000 Weapons In Karachi--- Wikileaks

Najam Sethi , the present chief minister of Punjanb has disclosed many secrets of MQm in private channel program. He said Karachi police is only 33,000 while MQM has ten thousasd armed men and twenty five thousand weapons. In a a American report that was sent by American council Islamabad to USA in 2009. The army men of MQM act under sector commandars and are cmposed of sectors. That was revealed by Wikileaks. Though Najm Sethi is seculasr minded but he favored and cleared the allegations of Altaf Hussain on Jamaat e Islami. He alleged that Jamaat has military wing "Thindrr Storm" but Najam Sethi said MQM has more weapons and more armed men in Kararachi.

Beautician Sold After Gang Rape In Lahore

A beautician working in A Block of defence in Lahore was abducted by a woman Asmat with the help of her three companions. Asmat treacherously took kidnapped girl for preparing a bridegroom to her home. Where her three aides Kashi, Munir and Javed Gujar gang raped her for three days. After gang rape and snatching her mobile and beautician bag they took her to Farooq Abad Sheikupura and sold her to a prfessional woman running prostitution den. From where she could find chance to escape and through a mobile call she told the incident to her father who took her home. Police did not arrest Asmat and the culprites yet.

The Number Of Temporary Marraiages Of Muslim Girls Is On The Rise In India

It has been disclosed in a news report that in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh's capital Hyderabad the number of temporary marriages of Muslim teen ager girls with old men is on the rise. The divorce papers are also prepared with the Nikah. Police is investigating a similar case of 30-day marriage of 16-year girl Naushin Tabassum with 44-year Sudanese man. Police has arrested Bashir Ud Din who tied Nikah and prepared divorce papers. Police has also arrested a woman Mumtaz Begum and her companion who arrange temorary marriages of poor Muslim girls. This shows the deplorable conditions of poor Muslims in India. They are copmpelled for prostitution due to poverty. This is for the thinking of Indian lovers in Pakistan. The Indian Hyderabad was alreasdy notorious for handing over immature girls by parents to Arab people for nominal money due to poverty but now it has taken a kind of epidemics whereby teen ager girls are married to old foreign men for months or days contracts. The girl Naushine fled from home and reached to poice station because her parents were pressing her to accompany Sudanese man to hotel room. Sudanese man Osama Ibrahim Muhammad came to Hyderabad on the invitation of his friend who told him that he can have cheaper contract marriage here. Osama reached Hyderabad on FGebruarty 19 and Mumtaz Begfum showed her four girls . he liked Naushin. Osama gave RS 100,000 to Mumtaz Begum for marriage expenditure. Seventy thousand rupees were given to Naushin's parents while Arabic translator and Maulvi were given five thousand each and middle woman got 20, ooo. Naushin refused to go to hotel and to his own home even because her parents were pressuring for her to go Osama's room.

Important Personalities Trying To Send Musharraf Out But Former Prersident Refused

Former president Musharraf sent message to military leradership and caretaker government that he will not leave the country and do not want to prove himself guilty. He said hewill face all the charges in the country. Three high level personalities includingoner from interior ministry, one from sensitive agency and one is retired general are contacting Parvez Musharraf and convincing him to go out of the country. After the latesy threrat from Taliban, Parvez Musharraf was again contacted because this threat could be more dangerous. Security of Musharraf in Chak Shahzad has been more tightened. Parvez Musharraf has apponited col Ilyas as his chief security officer in place of Col Sher Khan.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amin Faheem Resigned From PPPP's Presidentship

Makhdoom Ameen Faheem has resigned from the office of the president of PPPP and sent his resignation to Bilawal Zardari. He has complaned that he was taken into cofeidence while party distribution to the candidates. He said when the late BaNazir was out of the country he kept the partty united and followed the instructions of high leadership of the party due to which party succeeded in 2008 elections. He said that he was not informed about the office nominations in KPK and Punjab. Sources say that differences prevailed between Faryal Talpur, Amin Faheem and Bilawal Zardari on the allotment of tickets to the party candidates. The actual conflict is about the nomination of chief minister Sind. Leadershiip does not want to hand over chief ministership of Sind to any person nominated by Amin Faheem. Fasryal Taslpur and Asif Zardari is opposding his nomination. So he has resigned. The resignations of high office bearers continues and the breakage into pieces of PPP will go a long way. This is all due to the worst government of Zardari during the last five years. He has eliminated the party of ZA Bhutto and BaNazir at all. No signs of PPP's recovering seem likely in near future. Bilawal can not keep the party united. Its old and senior members are quiting it.

Maulana Will Cooperate In dialogue With Taliban Only If Given Share In Government

Nice decision Maulana. The nation is killed , murdered or burnt in bomb blasts flames by Taliban or some hidden power, Maulana will participate and cooprate in talks with Taliban only if given share in power. Who else serves the nation with out power ? why shouild Maulana? Why nation hopes so? Maulana accepted the mandate of PTI in KPK on the request of PML (N). Why Maulana considers himself solely mater of power and every thing in KPK? how manysets Maulana has in KPK? Why he thinks that if does not accepts the PTI mandate it would not be able to run the government. Maulana youi have everything all the intelligence smart politics but you lack sportmanship. PTI does not need your support to form government in KPK. It will form government with out your cooperation but it is clear you will hinder in the way of smooth running of the goovernment. Maulana said if he is in opposition he can plsay an effective role in talks with Taliban. Maulana needs only power sharing in the center government if next government wants to succeeed. Maulana you have all the times cards ready for power sharing. Horray Maulana. No one elese like you in politics in the fireld. You are winner all the time.

Amanda Bynes Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night in New York city, to the shock of no one. Police was called to her Manhattan apartment on suspicion of her disorderly conduct. It is unclear who called them, but Amanda was bahaving strangely. When police arrived they saw her throw a bong out of hert 36th floor window. Amanda Bynes 27, after 24 hours of arrest denied any wrong doing via Twitter. The former child atsr who wore a ratty plastinum blond wig to cover her shaved head in court, was once again unhappy with her appearance in court. She accused cops of sexual harrassment.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tape Scandal Worth Million Of Rupees Overlooked By PM Khoso

Caretaker prime minister Khoso has thrown a letter written for investigation by auditor general Buland Akhtar Rana in waste paper basket, in which conversation of former ruler, sister of a VIP and her close friend a doctor about deal wporth million rupees was recorded. According to highly reliable sources the letter written by auditor general to investigate the tape scandal has confused the prime minister and interior ministry. They do not understand whether to investigate the case or leave it on the discretion of next government. Because the scandal carries the names of close relatives and frinds VVIP. The letter is about telephonic conversation about milion deal between important personalities and a sister of VIP and a dopctor.

Friday, May 24, 2013

British Fihters Escorted PIA Plane To Airport

Uk fighter jets escorted Pakistan International Airline(PIA) passenger plane to Stansted airport near London Today, whre police went omn board and arrested to men on suspicion of endangering an aircraft. PK 709 from Pakistan had been due to land on Manchester in Northern England with 297 passengers on board but was diverted shortly before landing. A security source said that early indications were that plane was not the target of terrorist attack.

Drone Use Is A "Justified War"---- Obama

On Thursday speaking at Nsational Security in the National Defence University oresident Obama defended drone attack policy and said this war is a justified one against the terrorists. It has made The USA safe. However, care will be taken to avoid civilian killings. On other hand the future slave government of Pakistan has applauded Obama's speech that drone attack policy will be reviewd, though Obama did not say that , but he said drone attacks will be continued as usual. Obama said that this war against terrorists was a permanent war whether it be with drones, special forces ot dfeploying the army.

Mariah Carey Suffers Wardrobe Malfuntion At Live TV Show

Ah! Live Television and Mariah Carey. As many American Idol viewers found out this season, these can make a dangerous combination. During an appearance today on Good Morning America, the singer first complained about being awake at the early hour of 0830. She then suffered a mini wardrobe malfuntion when te back of her Donatella Versace popped and her handlers scrambled to keep her breasts in place. Later, Carey awkwardly held her mic pack as she crooned "Be Always Ny Baby and then grew frustrated during another mishap to yell, "Oh s-t! you did not hear that". Sorry Mariah we did. And somewhere Nicki Minaj is laughing her glitter-covered rear and off.

Asad Rauf Is Out Of Champion's Trophy Panel

ICC has announced to oust Pakistani Unpire Asad Rauf from from ICC Champion Trophy's 2013 elite panel. It is said that the reason of the decision was the investigation against Asad Rauf by police regasrding Indian Premier League spot fixing svandal. ICC champion trophy 2013 is to be played in England and Wales from June 06 to June 23 this year.

The Most Expensive Divorce Of The World

A possible divorce between an American Billionaire and his wife is considered the most expensive divorce of the world. If divorce is decided in favor of his wife then the husband will have to pay his half of the assetts to his wife. This billionaire husband is American business tycoon and owner of oil companies 67-years Herald Haem, who has assetts of $ 11 billion and is among the 100 wealthiest people of the world. The second wife of Herald, Soi N had filed divorce case against him accusing him of being unfaithjful to her. The decision of the csase is expected soon. If the vedict comes in favor of his wife then according to the state law Herald will have to share half of his total assetts with his wife. Soi will gert fiove and a half billion dollarsd from herr husband and it will be the most expensive divorce of the world. It is noteworthy that till todate the divorce between American media tycoon Rupert Mardak and his ex wife Enna in 1999 has been consedered the expensive divorce of the world in which Rupert had to pay his wife $ 1.7 billion.

I Am Doing Well Being Unmarried--- Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor says she was ok with being bachelor, after breaking relations with Ponit Malhotra I am focussing on my career. She said with out being attached with one is better and now I spend most of the time on set. Though she is giving her full attention to films but she did not get better response yet. She started her film career with film "Sanwaria", but inspite of failure in the film she is getting attention of producers as she is actively performing in the fasion industry. The 27-year actress is hopeful about her coming film like "RAnhjana" About failure of her films she said before the release of "Players" and "Thank You" I realized that life was not on the right track. Actress has now started her second innings and she has very good films to get in the industry again with success.

Salman Khan Will Marry Romanian Girl

The cronic Bollywood bachelor 47-year old Salman Khan has selected Romanian girl 25-years Lolia Venture ashis life partner. After Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif he seems too serious in this regard. According to sources Dabang Khan is in know of Lolia for the last two years and he also kept this secret from media, susscessfully. Now hwe has disclosed this secret and is seen with her on several spots. Lolia also met Salman's family and he confessed before his parents that he wanted to marry her. Salaman Khan will marry Lolia Venture in the end of current year and marriage celebrations will be held in India and Romania.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pakistan And Iran Are The Countries Having Most Negative Global Impact

According to a survey conducted by BBC, the positive international opinion about India and China has subsided, while, Iran and Pakistan have to the light as having the highest negative opinion in the world, whereas, the opinin of most of the Pakistanis about the USA is mainly negative. The survey was conducted from December 2012 to April 2013 jointly by the International polling firm Globe Scan and Program on International Policy Aptitude (PIPA) for BBC World Service. In the survey 26,299 people were asked their opinion in the 16 different countries of the world about 16 countries and European Union what they think regarding the impact of these countries in the world? Was it positive or negative? The director of the PIPA said that score of China and India got raised when they saved themselves from economic crisis in the world but it changed to negative status because of corruption on lasrge scale in both the countries and the violence cases on women (rape cases) specially in India. He added that different countries could not show capability to come out of economic crisis while, Britain ranking remained positive due to Olympic games. According to survey the opinion about China decreased to 42 points showing 8 points lower thanearlier, while negative impact has risen to 39 points with 8 points rise. The most highest negative opinion of the people was about the USA.was

Janet Jackson Is A Billionaire

Michael Jackson may be one of the most successful dead celebrities, but his sister Janet (who, of course is alive and well), is dpoing pretty well herself. The 47-year pld is officially a billionaire. According to Variety, Janet who is best selling artist of all time has earned $ 458 million from her successful concert tours, $ 304 million from acting roles in films like " For Colored Girls" and "The Nutty Professor", $ 260 million in album sales, and $ 81 million from tour sponsorships and licencing fees. The "Control" sonstress is not the only billionaire in her househols, she secretetly married retail tycoon Wissam Al Mana, who made his fortune investing in the Middle East. As for fellow celebrity billionaires, Jackson joins a club with members including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, J.K Rowling, and Julia Louis Drefus.

PML Has Decided To Constitute Ten Ministries In The Center

PML(N) is considering to have balanced cabinet in center, Baluchistan and Punjab and to reconstitute ten ministries of 28 already existing and every federal minister will have two ministers for state. The larger natiuonal insitutes will be put under professional boards while departments will be under the control of task forces. To reduce the government expenditure all the different offices of a ministyry will be shifted to one place. The government transport will be transferred to CNG or alternate fuel. A separate task force will be set up to monitor and control the expenses of different ministeries. According to sources as the process of formation of governments at center and in Punjab will be finalized by the mid of June the merging of different ministries will be started. The work on road map has been started under which the minstry of petroleum, water and energy will be one minsitry, foreign affairs and overseas Pakistanis will be second, railways, transport and communication third, finance, housing and works fourth, textiles, industries and postal services fifth, education, science, technology and information technology sixth, interior, norcotics control, ports and shipping seventh, information and boradcasting, national harmony, and heritage will be eighth, sports and youth affairs nineth, law, pasrliamentary and religious affairs, and human rioghts will be the tenth ministry. On other side in Punjab cabinet the education minisry is proposed to be given to Zahim Qadri, excise to Mujtaba Shuja, and law and parliamentary affairs is proposed to be given to rana Sana Ullah. Chief minister will have only two ministries this time, i.e. the interior and Services and General administrtion ministries. The womaen will be given two ministries in addition to the office of deputy speaker in Punjab assembly. While, the southern Punjab will receive three to four ministries. However, new members who have contsted elections on PML(N) 's tickeys and recently joined the party will not be given any ministry.