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Monday, May 13, 2013

Rigging In Polls--- More Than 100 % Votes Were Polled In Some Polling Stations In KarachiKarachi

In Pakistan poll rigging hue and cry is usual after elctions by the defeated candidates but this time voice is being raised from from Lahore and Karachi. An NGO namely Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) says that in some polling stations in Karachi more than 100 % have been polled. Chief Executive officer Mudassar Rizvi of FAFEN said that the rigging on polling day meant some unauthorised people polled votes in the ballot box or fake vote wass cast or propler process of casting of vote was not follwed. CE og FAFEN says if fake vote was cast so identification is easy because polling officer afixes thumb impression of each voter and election commission can catch fake votes in a day. The FaFEN which monitored nearly 600polling stations in Karach said among them 8-9 % of the polling stations were such where extra ordinary turn out was seen and more than registered voteswere polled. Mutehidas Deeni Mahaz is continueing sit-ins at more than dozen polaces against the rigging of polls. They demand re-eletion in NA 128 constituency. Similarly, PTI, PML and ANP workers alleged rigging in polling stations in constituency NA-250 Nabeel Gabol secured 187000 votes and that seems astonishing in 9 hours duration. Chief of MQM has given very irresponsible statement and threatened the protestor to be attacked by his workers if they do not take their protests off. He said those who do not like the mandate should separate it from Pakistan. Very much non patriotic statement.

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