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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Of The Environment Pleasing Plants Are Deadly Too

There are numerous plants that are necessary for human beings as medicinal plants or butifying and making the enviroonment pleasant but there are some dangerous plants that can cause one's death if handled carelessly. There are some plants found in the world that ends one's life by closig to them. Among the most deadly plants is "Siknic Catch". It is a big plants and some of its parts are eatable but if wrong parts are eaten then it spreads poison in the body because it has calcium oxalate that can rot the muscles of the body and cause to stop the funtion of some of body parts. Butter cup is another dangerous plant that nourishes in the grass grown in drainage water. Its effects can be sdeen on the skins of children who rouch them unintentionally during playing. Its flowers exude poisnous material that can cause death of humans if eaten. Giant Bug Weed is the most deadly plant among the dangerous ones. Eight feet high plant can kill human being being who goes close to it even. If it touches eyes one can get blind completely. Himalayan berry is another fatal plant. Its spines grow like the teethg of shark. If its spines pinch the body can cause soring of eyes, defect in veins and defiency of blood. A dangerous tree Gympy found in Australia is no less in fatality. It oses out a dangerous material and the trouble and pain by this material is so severe as hot acid is thrown on the body and one prefers to commit suicide to get rid of the pain. Newzea Land tree Natal is so deadly if one passes near to it can die on the spot. It has the the capability to grow to a height of 15 feet. The fatal effects of its materal oozed out can affect nervous system of human being.

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