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Thursday, May 16, 2013

London Police Has Started Collecting Evidences Against Altaf Hussain

After the statement of British high commisioner in Islamabad, the London meteropolitan Police has stasrted to gather evidences about Altaf Hussain's controvertial speech. Adam Thompson earlier, said in a press conference in Islamabad that Britains lawa was very strict about the provocative statements and speeches that spread hatred, delivered from the soil of Britain. The spokeman of London Police Jsames Humes said that the translation of MQM's head is being done as thousand os complaints have been received from the world over about this speech. He added now it has decided to take action on the complaints. When spokeman was asked that under which law the action could be taked, he replied to the question that after we have received the translation then it will be decided which law of Britain can be applied. When asked about handingover Altaf Hussain to Pakistan, he said it takes a long process as there is no agreement between Britain and Pakistan to hand over each other's prisoners. However, though it is difficult but not impossible. It is recalled that Altaf Hussain had said in his video speech that if MQM's mandate in KLarachi was not accepted he will not stop his workers from the reaction. He had also said cleasrly that if somebody did not like Karachi's mandate then Karachi should be separated frtom Pakistan. (Just like forming of Quad Abad state). Altaf Hussain is habitual to to issue controvertial speeches and then when reactions come he denies the fact and says it was wrongly reported.

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