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Monday, May 27, 2013

Important Personalities Trying To Send Musharraf Out But Former Prersident Refused

Former president Musharraf sent message to military leradership and caretaker government that he will not leave the country and do not want to prove himself guilty. He said hewill face all the charges in the country. Three high level personalities includingoner from interior ministry, one from sensitive agency and one is retired general are contacting Parvez Musharraf and convincing him to go out of the country. After the latesy threrat from Taliban, Parvez Musharraf was again contacted because this threat could be more dangerous. Security of Musharraf in Chak Shahzad has been more tightened. Parvez Musharraf has apponited col Ilyas as his chief security officer in place of Col Sher Khan.

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