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Friday, May 10, 2013

People Must Not Miss The Golden Chance Of Changing Pakistan--- Imran Khan

Imran Khan who addressed the maximum number of public gathering has said to the people in his last adress the dead line of end of election compaign through video link has said that Allah has given Pakistanis a golden chance of change they must avail it. He said he had fulfilled his responsibilty it is up to the nation to come forward and change the fate of itself on May 11. He said he had seen a dream 17 years before that is to be fulfilled on May 111. He has sacrificed his home, suffered a lot for the nation but now Allah will reward us. A large number of people in his addresses indicate that Imran Khan will sweep the election. Everywhere on the streets, roads and on vehicles only Imran KHan's banners and party flags are visible. Banners of other parties are no where at least in the constituency of NA-56. The majority of people of KPK are infavor of PTI. It is expected that PTI will win 180 to 200 seats. The estimates of being hung parliament is not correct. PTI will win the number of seats, hopefully to form government with its one ally Nawab of Bahawalpur. Independent candidates woul definetely join the winning party. But, Imran Khan Justice and only justive be kept in mind and elemination of corruoption be your first and top most priorty. Doctors have not allowed Imran KHan to travel to Miasnwali to cast his vote.

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