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Friday, May 24, 2013

Mariah Carey Suffers Wardrobe Malfuntion At Live TV Show

Ah! Live Television and Mariah Carey. As many American Idol viewers found out this season, these can make a dangerous combination. During an appearance today on Good Morning America, the singer first complained about being awake at the early hour of 0830. She then suffered a mini wardrobe malfuntion when te back of her Donatella Versace popped and her handlers scrambled to keep her breasts in place. Later, Carey awkwardly held her mic pack as she crooned "Be Always Ny Baby and then grew frustrated during another mishap to yell, "Oh s-t! you did not hear that". Sorry Mariah we did. And somewhere Nicki Minaj is laughing her glitter-covered rear and off.

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