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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eva Longoria Suffered Humaliating Wardrobe Malfuntion In Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria has done it again!. The actress suffered humaliating wardrobe malfuntion while she walked the red carpet in Cannes Film Festival. Longoria wore a beautiful ligh-green gown, and was merely trying to climb a flight of stairs avoiding the fast-falling drizzle. She tugged up her hem to getting it wet when the wardrobe function occured. The star was left exposing herself with no under garments on. The actress revealed far more than she intended too as she turned out for the star-studded and rained upon a screening of Jimmy P. Psychotherapy of A Plains Indian on Satureday. Earlier in the day the face of L'Oreal predicted stormy weather as she enjoyed the pampering of her many hair and beauty of people. She began by tweeting' The calm before the storm' and shortly she added 'Aaaand the storm has now begun! How many people are touching me at once?' She posted many pictures of her getting all dolled up for the event and while posing on the red carpet with the other L'Oreal brand ambassadors. But after the embarrasing dress lift Eva went silent on the Twitter.

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