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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Farah Abraham Pregnant With James Deen Spawn?

Farah Abraham fears that she might be pregnant from her vsex tape with James Deen, though many paople are fairly certain that it is nort true. The stastus of her womb is uncleasr but some people have spotted her buying a test and report that she has already missed period ans is totally freaking out. She had gone throuh a 12 month dry spell before Farah Sex tape, during which no condomes were used and she was not on birth control. But we all know the last part. It would be an apic story, but luckily for the 21-year old teen mom alum-turned porn star and for society at large, we highly doubt she is with child. 1 When James Deen "finished" it was not in any major orfice. 2. It is called a backdoor Teen Mom for a reason.

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