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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PTI Has Become A Severe Danger For Major Paties On Political Horizon

It looked like PML(N) is ahead of all other parties in election race, a few weeks back, but the extra ordinary popularity of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf during the last days of election compaign, the results do not seem to go in favor of PML(N) to win simple majority. However, the results of this election have become the most unexpected one in the history of Pakistan. The ambiguous situation seems people party is paving its way to success through damaging the vote bank of PML by PTI. People's party expects all the three major parties including itself, PML and PTI will win 60-70 seats in national assembly. Though tough match is expeted in Punjab and KPK between PML and PTI. But in some constituencies of Punjab the election fight between the three parties will benefir PPP. According to survey of Gallop Pakistan, the 29 % of the voters wishing to vote for PTI are new, 42 % are those leaving PPP and will cast votes for PTI, 24 % are those who are coming from PML in favor of PTI and 5% voters are those transering from other political parties to PTI. Two weeks earlier PTI started damaging vote bank of PML but no body knows how much the vote of PML will be damaged. PML(N) has been share holkder in the federal and provincial governments during the last five years and has been popular as compared to other parties and surveys conducted during last months indicated it a favourite party to win elections 2013. The time will show the expectations of PPP that PTI will damage the vote bank of PML comes true or turns into a horrible dream. However, it is clear regarding PML that the target of its winning the number of seats is decreasing quickly. Ten days before PML exoected to win 140 seats in national assembly for simple majortity but now winning that much number seems nearly impossible. At present no body can guess how much less number of seats it will win from the set target.

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