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Friday, May 17, 2013

President Zardari Is Not Going To Resign---- PPP

Though PPP has ruled out the rumours that president has any intention to resign before the expiry of his constitutional term, If there were any ppp chairman or head of any ruling party in Europe or Americam he would have resign after humiating defeat in the general election but it is Pakistan and there is no such tradition prevailing. But there might be something wrong at the bottom when PPP spekeman had to speak out. Though this crushing defeat of PPP was only due to Zardari. The party that could not be eliminated inspite of efforts of General Zia ul Haq and Parvez Musharraf that lost its credibility with in five year- rule of Zardari. The PPP has been wiped out in KPK, Punjab and Basluchistan whereas, it won 67 seats in Sindh province where it can form government with the help of former ally MQM. The senior most leaders of PPP have already resigned.

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