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Monday, May 27, 2013

Film Zindgi 50:50 Of Veena Malik Has Been Released In India But Banned In Pakistan

Veena Malik's Bollywood film Zindgi 50:50 has been released in India but it would be released in Pakistan. Ther are no big names in the film therefore distributers do not take risk if loss to get its rights for release in Pakistan. Rge casts include Veena Malik, Riya Sen, Arya Babar and Rajan Verma. The importes believe this will be a flop film so they did nor show interest in getting it. The most importasnt factor of not getting its rightsfor Pakistan is that as usual Veena has bold and naked scenes in the film so it will creat a hue and cry in the country nationwide and film will have to be dropped and distributors will suffer losses. The pros of India is performing as she is used to and bringimng bad name to pakistan whereas, she is the keep of Indian actors and every body in India.

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