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Sunday, May 12, 2013

PML(N) Is The Victorious In 2013 Polls

Pakistan Muslim League emerged as the majority party in national assembly with 125 seats. While PPPp has won 32, PTI 31, MQM 17) and JUI (F) 10 and other nationalist parties of Baluchistan with 6 seats each. No doubt Nawaz Sharif is in position to be invited to form goverrnment in the center but to make a stronger government he will have to give way to independents and other minor parties as well as members from tribal areas. A coalition government is always a weaker one . It has to make attempts all the time to save itself from no confidence move, can concentrate little on national issues, economy and foreign affairs, This was the job of cleveest Zardari who completed his tenure with reconciliation policy (in the personal interst) though he and his spoons termed it in national intersts. Nawaz Sharif is not that much smart to keep his coalition partners intact all the time. It is far better that Pakistanis got rid of the most corrupt governmenty in the history that hasd the worst ever governasnce. It gave gifts of darkness and price hike along with terrorists attacks. Thanks Allah that Pakistan got free of grip of cruel rulers. Nawazharif is far better than Zardari though he is too simple, religious minded patriotic but lacks sense of politics. Shahbaz Sharif is a good administrator and a good politicain . It is the good luck of Punjab that he returned back to serve Punjab. Nawaz Sharif is requested to give Metro Bus gift to the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Congrastulation Mian Nawaz Sharif on the victory. May Allah help you to serve Pakistan and make it prosperous sovreign Islamic state. It is a good news that Imran Khan iswilling to sit on opposition benches and it would prove a stront opposition that will play its constructive role that will pave his way to come to power next time. Both the combinations will be unforgettable.

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