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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maulana Will Cooperate In dialogue With Taliban Only If Given Share In Government

Nice decision Maulana. The nation is killed , murdered or burnt in bomb blasts flames by Taliban or some hidden power, Maulana will participate and cooprate in talks with Taliban only if given share in power. Who else serves the nation with out power ? why shouild Maulana? Why nation hopes so? Maulana accepted the mandate of PTI in KPK on the request of PML (N). Why Maulana considers himself solely mater of power and every thing in KPK? how manysets Maulana has in KPK? Why he thinks that if does not accepts the PTI mandate it would not be able to run the government. Maulana youi have everything all the intelligence smart politics but you lack sportmanship. PTI does not need your support to form government in KPK. It will form government with out your cooperation but it is clear you will hinder in the way of smooth running of the goovernment. Maulana said if he is in opposition he can plsay an effective role in talks with Taliban. Maulana needs only power sharing in the center government if next government wants to succeeed. Maulana you have all the times cards ready for power sharing. Horray Maulana. No one elese like you in politics in the fireld. You are winner all the time.

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