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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amin Faheem Resigned From PPPP's Presidentship

Makhdoom Ameen Faheem has resigned from the office of the president of PPPP and sent his resignation to Bilawal Zardari. He has complaned that he was taken into cofeidence while party distribution to the candidates. He said when the late BaNazir was out of the country he kept the partty united and followed the instructions of high leadership of the party due to which party succeeded in 2008 elections. He said that he was not informed about the office nominations in KPK and Punjab. Sources say that differences prevailed between Faryal Talpur, Amin Faheem and Bilawal Zardari on the allotment of tickets to the party candidates. The actual conflict is about the nomination of chief minister Sind. Leadershiip does not want to hand over chief ministership of Sind to any person nominated by Amin Faheem. Fasryal Taslpur and Asif Zardari is opposding his nomination. So he has resigned. The resignations of high office bearers continues and the breakage into pieces of PPP will go a long way. This is all due to the worst government of Zardari during the last five years. He has eliminated the party of ZA Bhutto and BaNazir at all. No signs of PPP's recovering seem likely in near future. Bilawal can not keep the party united. Its old and senior members are quiting it.

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