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Monday, May 6, 2013

Columnist Haroon Ur Rasheed Recalls Some Events From Nawaz Sharif's Political Life

A renowned columnist Haroon Ur Rasheed in his column "Natamam" (Incomplete) writes, was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto late a non-controvertial hero? The question is important because it will have imppacys on future politics as it had on that of past. Nawaz Sharif who was guilty coscious after the imposition of Martial law by Parvez Musharraf fled the country after having secrtet agreement. Nawaz Sharif suddenly and half-heartedly recognized Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as a martyr. He had been admiring the late General Zia ul Haq after his death. He had been participating in the condolence meeting on August 17, under the shades of Faisal Mosque. He repeatedly used to say the words," I will complete Zia ul Haq's mission". Nawaz Sharif had personal contacts with Osama Ben Laden. The retired ISI officer and one of the aides of Nawaz Sharif, Khalid Khawja narrated the story of Nawaz and Osama. He used to explain the inreresting event of the meeting of Nawaz with Osama in Green Hotel of Medina Munawwara that was a smaller hotel which has been demolished now for expansion. Osama Asked Nawaz Sharif do you realiy want the implementastion of Islam. Nawaz replied excitedly yes, really exactly. Osama asked how much Islam? Nawaz became nervous and could not rely. Osama put his long finger on the wall and said this much religion ? then again he lifted his hand above and I want this much i.e. more and more. According to Khalid Khawaja Nawaz restlessly said in Punjabi" Yar Paisoon ki Karo" (Please talk about the money). How much money? CIA and MI Six might be knowing definetely. Khawaja said it was an amount of $ 40 million that in the current currency value makes PKR 4 billion. Sharif brothersnever took trouble to reject the allegsation nor explain the about bit. The newspapers repeatedly published the stories that one of the Arab countries gave Nawaz Sharif family $ 3 million for non-confidence motion against BaNazir Bhutto and afterward for 1990 election compaign. Due to the kindness of secrtet agencies under which Islami Jamhori Etaahad was constituted NawazSharid became the prime minister. ( Continued) Courtsy Natamam By Haroon Ur Raheed.

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